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OCR stands for optical character recognition and refers to a procedure which extracts editable text from images and scanned text.

OCR Service

Our free OCR service allows you to convert images to PDF. We support many image formats like .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff and more...


PDFs which are created from scanned documents are usually not search-able. Our service allows you to extract editable text from such PDFs via OCR.

How to extract text from scanned images:

You have a scanned image and want to get started right away? Nothing is easier than that. We currently support the following input formats: .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .pdf, .djvu. These are the most common formats for scanned documents in the web. If your input is not available in one of these formats you would have to convert it first. Otherwise you can just select your file by clicking the "Browse" Button. If you want to submit more than one file you can use the "(+) Add File" feature and select as many input files as you want to process. Once you selected all documents you want use for the OCR simply click exctract text to proceed. The engine will start working immediatelly and you will be able to follow the process in real-time. Please make sure to submit your documents in horizontal orientation i.e. the normal way you would read them. Otherwise you might not obtain the desired result.

Looking for a fast OCR Service? Here you got it!

If you're looking for an online optical character recognition service, then you've come to the right place. Our free OCR site makes it easy for you to have your scanned documents transformed into a text document that is easy to edit. Online OCR isn't something that's new to the Internet, but having a free OCR service with this level of quality isn't something that you find everyday.
OCR Geek is here to transform all of your scanned documents into text files, so that you have smaller files that can be distributed much more easily, as well as being editable. Only the most professional OCR software is used in order to ensure the quality of character recognition so that you get the best results every single time. We even provide OCR for multipage PDFs, so you won't have to submit files one by one, which can waste a lot of time, and our software is capable of recognising and processing up to twenty-nine different languages. These aren't OCR services that you can really find anywhere else.
There are some real benefits for using out fast OCR service, such as the fast and easy retrieval of information from your scanned documents. Typing it out word for word can eat up a lot of time that could be used doing something else. Especially for those really important business documents, you need the information as quickly as possible, and you need it to be accurate. By using our free OCR software, you'll never have to worry getting accurate information in a timely manner ever again. Using online OCR increase productivity in the workplace, so more tasks can be completed in less time, and you've still obtained the information that you need.
What makes our services easy is that they can extract the information from a wide variety of images files. From .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, and .png (just to name a few), you can transform any of these files into a text document that is much easier for you to edit and print. And adding multiple files is quite easy, so you can extract an entire manual of information for your needs. Once you click "extract", you can watch the process occur in real-time, or you can choose to leave it and let it do its work while you complete other tasks.
OCR Geek is a free online OCR service that makes it easy for anyone to have their documents extracted in order to obtain the information that they need without typing it out verbatim. OCR Geek understands that time is a crucial element that can make or break a business, so we endeavour to provide you with the tools that you need in order to have access to those desperately-needed files.

The OCR Software used here

For our service online service we use professional and modern OCR software providing sophisticated algorithms for character recognition. Since this tool is operating online it prevents you from having to purchase and install expensive software on your local machnine. The processing takes place in real-time and you can watch the process or just return to our page when everything has been finished. You can obtain a digital version of your scanned text with very little effort here. Of course everything is entirely free of charge. It is also not required to sign up for using our online ocr servcie. Performance Boost (09/14): We just invested in a more powerful Server infrastructure which will significantly accelerate the OCR processing. Of course no charges are introduced by that. Enjoy!
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